Building relationships with student neighbours

Regardless of circumstance, Brock University encourages students and community members to develop a positive and co-operative relationship. As a resident, your actions play a large part in the establishment of such a relationship and there are measures you can take to maintain the successful partnership between Brock and the Niagara community.

  1. Introduce yourself
    1. We recommend you make a point of meeting the new tenants moving into your neighbourhood, and introducing yourself and your family. A simple hello will go a long way to start.
  2. Communicate
    1. If you have a problem with the behaviour of neighbouring tenants, let them know how you feel before involving the landlord or authorities. They may not realize that what they are doing is disruptive or offensive to you.
  3. Be reasonable
    1. Student tenants are people like any other neighbours you might have. They are paying to live in their accommodation, and have the right to enjoy it as they would like. Of course, you should expect them to be considerate and follow the law, but make sure you have reasonable expectations
  4. Talk to the landlord
    1. Because students do not own the home, they are most likely not responsible for lawn care, snow removal, or other issues that might become problematic in your neighbourhood
  5. Handle problems politely
    1. If you’ve made a point of meeting your student neighbours and being friendly, it’s likely that you’ll get a friendly reaction as well. If you do have problems, avoid letting them develop into major disputes.
    2. If the problem can’t be resolved calmly between you and your neighbours, ask for assistance. Depending on the circumstance, Brock’s Off Campus Living Office, your City Hall, or the Regional Police can offer support.