Support for international students

If you’ll be coming to Brock from abroad, welcome! We’re here to help you with accommodations in any way we can. Whether you’re an exchange student, an ESL student, or simply an international student completing your degree here at Brock, there are various resources to help you.

Homestay Program

If you’re coming to Brock from abroad, you may apply for the Homestay Program. If accepted, you will be living with an English-speaking family giving you an opportunity to practice your English while learning about Canadian lifestyle and culture.

Students must submit the $200 placement fee with their Homestay application forms.

Short-term accommodation

If you arrive before the Residences are open, or before the move-in date decided with your landlord, there are a variety of short-term accommodations available in St. Catharines and the surrounding area. Some of them are listed here. For more information, visit St. Catharines Tourism.


Brock University Off-Campus Living

English as a Second Language (ESL Homestay program)

Brock International Services (International Scholars, Professors and Internship participants -VIS/VIP/UM)